My Creation Myth

Once upon a time

there was only

WATER everywhere

deep – dark

soft – strong

It sang it´s song

the song of life!


There was also the WIND

it swept over the sea . . .

and the SUN was there too


And from the water grew


with rocky mountains

and deep valleys

and soft green meadows

and sweet-water lakes . . .


The nature was beautiful and

the earth was a lovely place.


The human

beeings were born

and filled up the earth . . .


One day

a child was born


It was nourished

with the love of life

and everything was

complete . . .


. . . until suddenly


sneeked into the Paradise. . .


The Child

was robbed out from its home

It was hit and damaged

in many ways –

it was ignored

it was thrown away

it was exploited

it was sacrificed

it was half dead

for hunger


it could hardly breathe

any more

because of repression

– and all was dark . . .



mother Earth came

to her child

and the Sea came

and they asked the warm Sun

and the strong Wind

to help them rescue

and protect

the little child . . . .



the good mother Earth

within the child

took her baby

and rocked it gently

in her arms

while the waves of the Sea

sang the song of life

and the Wind swept over

the recreated Being

as it did in

the beginning – - -




Let the sea be sea

and the earth be earth


Rest on the rocks

rock with the waves

blow with the wind

burn with the fire

in the sky!


And take fire

from the sun

and spread

the light

and warmth

on the earth




(AKE juni 1987 under mitt första år av

Uttryckande konstutbildningen)